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  • WORTHY IS #1 on the R&B ITunes chart ... AGAIN! THANK YOU ALL SO, SO! MUCH! ... #worthy #steadylovechallenge #steadylove #worthytour #iamlight #thatmagic 😭
  • WE BROUGHT THE #steadylovechallenge TO STAGE YA’LL!  I WANT TO THANK  MY TEAM:  Dress: @havenstreet // Make Up: @miss_nikki_z // Hair: @zarahair // additional production @stephengranthill // the MVP of this one! @Jilenecoggins ... thank your visions head to toe! flowers, Hips, Shoes, Be hive ALL of it. and love to all #soulbirdsworldwide thank you @beverlybond #blackgirlsrock2019 #blackgirlsrock #steadylove
  • #blackgirlsrock2019 TOMORROW! #steadylove #steadylovechallenge Mom / Jilene / Niki and them hyping me up LOL!
  • This is my FOLLOW FRIDAY ( yes a day early) ... THIS! Is Gene Moore ( @_genemoore ) AND HIS ALBUM TUNNEL VISION IS OUT ON ITUNES NOW!!! He’s Number 3 on the gospel charts ... Let make him #1 shall we? 
GeNE is one of the BEST TECHNICAL singers I know. He has one of the best HEARTS I know. And for all you vocal connoisseurs out there // He’s A BEAST!  with just the most beautiful tone ever. Gene is featured on my Christmas album on the song “Mary Did You Know” and he’s been touring on Back ground vocals on this #worthytour ... and its been a TRUE JOY to have him around.  Gene took a long time / and over came many personal obstacles to finally release major label solo projects ... its (mostly) NOT glamorous and its definaetly not EASY being sensitive enough to be an artist and strong enough to deal with the business ... but we do it, because we love the music, and we love the listener. So ... just go BUY #tunnelvision by Gene Moore. Right now ... go buy it. And let these vocals WASH over you lol ... trust me, you’ll see. 😁
  • It takes A LOT to get me this excited. I was already speechless over james browns presence ... and then MJ walked out ... and I lost my mind for a second lol // happy #virgoseason ya’ll. #worthy

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