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  • Some times, I just sing to myself. And I got a selfie stick. The negative Ions are floating around. And I’m wearing my whites, and I remember ... #WORTHY ... more in my instastory .... 😘
  • WORTHY ~ I was honored that my #supersoulsunday episode aired again this weekend. What I say here is one of the reasons my new album is called #worthy ~ its the journey I’ve been on. Because in LIFE, there is always SOMETHING that COULD diminish your confidence, your power, your drive ... but we have to keep getting up. This is what it means to LIVE LIFE! ... @owntv @supersoul #worthy #iamlight #breaktheshell #songversation
  • Come see us tonight @theryman
  • Just get a ticket! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Support These kids! @fisk_jubilee_singers @fisk1866 // Thank you @_shannonsanders for bringing me to this MAGNIFICENT moment again! Love you Dr Kwame 🎵

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