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  • #SoulBirds: EVRYONE OF US IS WORHTY! Get your wearable affirmation! Visit & Shop for the #Worthy Apparel!
  • THIS IS A POST ABOUT MY MOM! @havenstreetstudio “We dont see the world and IT is, we see the world as WE are.”
Early in the tour, I was criticized for this dress. 
By people saying I was “in the Illuminati” ... ME! 🙄 
i addressed this In an earlier post ... I’m done with it 💅

So MY MOM!!! being the WARRIOR / HUNTER / QUEEN that she is said ... I’m making  MORE! (NOT ONE!) MORE .... BUT (TWO MORE) .... TO QUOTE MY MOM “TAKE THAT!” ⭐️ And this LAST DUSTER / COAT is called “coat of many colors that my mother made for me” like the @dollyparton song ... yes we really called it that. It’s my years most worn garment with no signs of slowing down ....😝 @havenstreetstudio MADE THE SHIRT UNDERNEATH THE DUSTER TOO ... SONGVERSATION: WORTHY SAYS ~ 
I am who 👁 SAY I AM! 
see what I did there lol ... LOVE TO ALL #soulbirdsworldwide
Still making sense of #adreamcometrue
#worhtytour #songversation #worthy
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  • #worthytour ITS A WRAP! .. for now 😉 #songverstion #worthy
  • Theres SO much to say. But for now: HOME ... WALKING INTO week 6 wondering “was it all a dream?” #songversation #worthy #worthytour #nyc @beacontheatre ..

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