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  • THE WEST COAST RUN OF THE WORTHY TOUR STARTS FRIDAY!!!! The #tonimorrison documentary “The Pieces I Am”  WOKE ME UP. So. I’ve decided to do the shows that feel right. And let the others ripen 😉 ... SO!!! A Short west coast run starts FRIDAY! // many cities are already sold out, or NEARLY sold out, and for that, I’m SO grateful 😭 ... There is more SongVersation: Worthy. I have so much to share.  And feel free to bring early birthday gifts LOL ♎️Libra season is FAST approaching.  But seriously tho, love to all #soulbirdsworldwide the #worthytour continues. In the words of the great #willienelson // Can’t wait to get on the road again. singing songs and making music with my freinds ... I can’t wait to get on the road again. THANK YOU @denisu81 for this OUT OF CONTROL DOPENESS of a Poster!
  • More STEADY LOVE CHALLENGE!! Thank you ALL for your love on my #blackgirlsrock2019 performance!!! Feast your heart on this‼️Thank you again @blackcouplerevolution What I love about this video is 1. Id wait this long to marry if it meant the RIGHT ME and the right man. And 2. most of these elders don’t have IG accounts!  Lol .... Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthytour #worthy #steadylovechallenge + @simplybeautiful0103
  • WORTHY IS #1 on the R&B ITunes chart ... AGAIN! THANK YOU ALL SO, SO! MUCH! ... #worthy #steadylovechallenge #steadylove #worthytour #iamlight #thatmagic 😭
  • WE BROUGHT THE #steadylovechallenge TO STAGE YA’LL!  I WANT TO THANK  MY TEAM:  Dress: @havenstreet // Make Up: @miss_nikki_z // Hair: @zarahair // additional production @stephengranthill // the MVP of this one! @Jilenecoggins ... thank your visions head to toe! flowers, Hips, Shoes, Be hive ALL of it. and love to all #soulbirdsworldwide thank you @beverlybond #blackgirlsrock2019 #blackgirlsrock #steadylove
  • #blackgirlsrock2019 TOMORROW! #steadylove #steadylovechallenge Mom / Jilene / Niki and them hyping me up LOL!

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