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  • Happy Birthday to my BRO‼️you’re THE BEST!
  • It just feels better to say it all out loud. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #songversation
  • SOUND UP! SWIPE LEFT!! 🔶Its been a long time since Ive done a #followfriday (this ones a day early imma be walking thru the park tomorrow lol )- AND This is my Brotherfriend Terrell Carter ~ @terrellmusic and his autobiography #problemchild 🔷We met in 2001 and have been friends through lots of life changes ~ always being sure to touch in. 🔺Back in about 2004, Terrell came to visit me in Atlanta to work on music in my home studio. for some reason the power went out, and we sat on the living room floor and he told me his origin story. ‼️And now Terrell is going to tell YOU his story. You neeeeeever know where people come from or what they’ve come THROUGH. 💚 @terrellmusic is doing the work to heal himself by telling his story and I believe we can all always see ourselves in each others stories  to SOME extent. 🔔So, the book is in AMAZON and  soon to come an Audio book with Audible! (Im especially excited about as I am an audio book LOVER) 🎼 Terrell is one of the SING-INGEST!  PEOPLE IVE EVER HEARD! (If your a lover of vocals and you haven’t heard him GO. NOW!) ANd he’s obviously a STRIKINGLY GORGOEUS ... but he’s also BEAUTIFUL ~ BIG HEARTED LOVING FUN and KIND / Give him some follows and hear some of his music on i tunes. ❤️I love and support him and I think you should too ... because trust me when I tell you, its HARD being an independent artist, so lets support him in his endeavor ~ He deserves it. #worthy
  • A little  late ... BECAUSE, I’ve been thinking about recapping the last decade. And It’s just TOO MUCH TO SAY. whew! Remembering it ALL has been a deep inner journey this week. I CAN SAY THIS THOUGH! ~ I started this decade in 2009 in retirement. With the GOAL of FREEDOM. I just wanted to be free. And I AM ... Ultimately I returned to release 4 more projects that I TRULY love.  THIS YEAR, was the year of #worthy and this journey has shown me things about myself that I’m still processing.  And NOW, at  the beginning of THIS decade, I’m thinking about retiring again. I sat down yesterday to write out my 2020 goals, and I realized, I DONT WANT ANY OF THOSE THINGS! ~ What DO I want is the question.  The BEAUTY is that i set mySELF free, and it is from that place that I will decided, what next for me.  i’’m focused on discovering.  Drop me some love below ya’ll I sure can use it .... Happy New Year Yall. And Love to ALL #soulbirdsworldwide
  • I had to sit down and put this one together myself because, I’m JUST SO GRATEFUL for all of you. Who love and listen and share. Feast your HEARTS on this! MORE IN MY BIO (a few SUPER CUTE VIDEOS TOO) steadylovechallenge // love to all #soulbirdsworldwide


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