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  • This girl right here 😍  This is my niece Harper Marie Simpson. She will be 4 November 10th.  The day after she was born I played the Boston Garden with Stevie Wonder for the Songs in the Key of LIfe tour. Normally, on that tour, I sang and didnt say a word. THIS night I asked Stevie if I could speak and I told the audience: my Niece was born today, AND the day I was born; October 3, 1975, my Father Ralph SImpson, was playing the OLD boston Garden with his team the Denver Nuggets ( or Denver rockets at the time?) The  audience CHEERED!!! , 🌟✨💫 and I said “welcome to the human race Harper Marie Simpson” I wanted to be able to tell her when she’s old enough to understand ~ that a whole stadium of Stevie wonder fans cheered her arrival. My birthday season 2018 will be ending in a few days, and it will be time to celebrate HER ~ but we’ve been doing that everyday for 4 years, and it feels like we will for the rest of our lives ... she’s been a force of love and awakening for our whooooole family. She taught me that the cycles of life are REAL!  I just felt like saying this today. and lets be real, baby pictures are THE BEST! lol #stillbirthday ing #libraseason for a fewwwww more day lol ... love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #Harper
  • #stillbirthdaying!  I just wanted to post this today. Celebrating the Woman I’ve Become. for many years, I was taken aback and at times knocked off my feet, by all of the forces that mkae being a BLACK, WOMAN, in the MUSIC INDUSTRY - a seriously challanging and painful journey. NOW, I look and realize, THIS, is just life happening. And I HONOR MY HUMANNESS! Blessed to be living this LIFE! The ups AND downs. And,  for the love of my music, a #worthy Journey. I’M STILL HERE! and making music. and being FABULOUS, and being ME! and this BIRTHDAY I AM IN SO MUCH GRATITUDE for EXACTLY who I am, and who I am becoming! styling by my Mom @havenstreet & my soul sister @theenvylife make up @daryonhaylock #Iamlight #worthy #soulbirdrise #libra #libraseason♎️
  • Happy Birthday @donnitacamille ~ #soulbirdsworldwide ~ giver her some follows for her birthday. 💜 ♎️
  • Sound up! #stillbirthdaying ! After much thought, back in 2006, I came to conclusion that Maya Angelou is my (s)hero ~ it took me 2 weeks to figure out that it wasn’t a musician. I had the PLEASURE and HONOR of being with her several times, and TODAY! My good freind told me to be on the look out for an important package ... I’m thinking floweeeeerrrs or a special crystal, or vinyl of a BOOK.... no she sent me the ULTIMATE BOOK! This is a first edition, SIGNED Maya Angelou book AND ... look was she put ... JOY ... as I mature, I learn that my mother is right, for ME, joy is a choice. And leave it up to Shero to say that to me today. BEST birthday EVEEEEEERRRR. And I’m blessed to be able to say that EVERY year lol. Love too #soulbirdsworldwide #mayaangelou #worthy #bookstagram #booklover #booklovers #rarebooks ~ SO BLESSED!
  • SOUND UP AND SWIPE LEFT ! #stillbirthday ing ~ the last Saturday in September I had brunch  with 7 friends.  On my ACTUAL birthday, 10/3 This is what I did: I started my personal New Year (Birthday!) on October 3rd Moving into a NEW HOUSE! To know me, is to know my house, (which I bought in 2002 and sold in 2016) was SACRED To me.  You can see it in promo photos for #SongVersation (2013) and in my @bethertv documentary BEING INDIA ARIE #beingindiaarie In fact theres a moment in that episode where I cry talking about my childhood. (I can easily talk about my life without crying) The TRUTH is, In THAT moment I was overwhelmed with the transition I was in, my house was SACRED! No shoes, no funny vibes, lots of energy clearing, imbued with So much MUSIC and emotion ~ and there was a CAMERA CREW ALL OVER THE HOUSE! IN SHOES! Lol We all kept laughing in astonishment ~ but the house was no longer mine. 🙏🏾 There was even a cAmera crew in my PRAYER ROOM. LOL! ~ AND THEN talking about my childhood family,  AND then I tried to sing I am Light ... and THEN 😭. For last 2 years I’ve been renting, and moving around a LOT lot, (sometimes it was REALLY stressful) and Ive learned something about myself.  It wasn’t THAT first house that was sacred, Its HOME that is SACRED to me. And so Moving into a NEW HOME, on my birthday, is the beginning of a relationship I look forward to being in the unfolding of for years to come.  8 am on October 3rd ~ I had a moving crew, and cleaning crew ~ and around 7 pm ~ I was settled in and had a chef friend come over and make me: a HUGE salad, #Vegan Broccoli soup and Vegan Polenta with shiitake mushrooms ~ I bought myself roses and Listened to #steviewonders album Fufillingness’s First Finale on repeat (my top three Stevie albums ) And I slept amazingly! in the peace and grounding of HOME. I woke up at 5am and took a bath. AND I GOT 150 texts lol and YAY! my yearly #stevie birthday call.  Lit up my whole life. AND @erykahbadu FT me! (Thank you sister, sorry i missed you ) It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I say that every YEAR BTW lol #privateparty Love to ALL #soulbirdsworldwide #libraseason #libraseason♎️ #songversationpodcast #worthy  #iamlight

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