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  • SOUND UP! This is my #followfriday EARLY because I couldn’t hold it. I HAVE A DUET OUT WITH THIS GUY!! CHRIS MANN ~ Some of you may know him from #thevoice or #phantomoftheopera BUT WE!  met many years ago at the legendary songwriter Dianne Warren’s studio and he told me he’d written a paper on my song #backtothemiddle 🤯 we’ve been friends ever since, shared the stage many times since, and FINALLY RECORDED A SONG TOGETHER!! and IT’S. SO. GOOD!!! Pre-order the NOISE album by @chrismannmusic to hear our new duet “Honestly” before it releases anywhere else. Visit for your exclusive download. 
and you want to hear a GREAT voice, and see my cute Spirit God Son ( i gave myself that title Chris and his wife did not lol) give him some follows  AT  @chrismannmusic  @iamchrismann on Twitter. love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #honestly #worthy #chrismann #thatmagic !!! SING CHRIS!
  • #thatmagic 🖤 coming reeeeeeelly soon ....
  • Check my insta story for the rest of this message 😉💋#worthy #thatmagic
  • 🖤 #thatmagic my leading man @lyriqbent Video coming SOON!
  • SWIPE LEFT: Look how COOL! This is by @lalarvazquez ~ a painter who started as therapy to channel  the stress of leaving her career to care take a newly diagnosed autistic son.  Give her some follows ya’ll /// we all we got. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #sedona

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