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  • The #tonimorrison documentary “The Pieces I Am”  WOKE ME UP. So. I’ve decided to do the shows that feel right. And let the others ripen 😉 ... SO!!! A Short west coast run starts FRIDAY! // many cities are already sold out, or NEARLY sold out, and for that, I’m SO grateful 😭 ... see you all there for more SongVersation: Worthy. I have so much to share.  And feel free to bring early birthday gifts LOL ♎️Libra season is FAST approaching.  But seriously tho, love to all #soulbirdsworldwide the #worthytour continues. In the words of the great #willienelson // Can’t wait to get on the road again. singing songs and making music with my freinds ... I can’t wait to get on the road again. THANK YOU @denisu81 for this OUT OF CONTROL DOPENESS of a Poster!
  • Have you heard THE WORTHY TOUR episode? Wachu thinking? Wachu feeling?  Q&A episode coming soon! #songversationpodcast #songversationnation #worthytour
  • NEW PODCAST ALERT! And I GOT THE BOOKS UP THIS TIME TOO! And THEY ARE GOOD!!!! ( START WITH BOOK 1) Let me know what ya’ll think!! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #songversationpodcast #worthytour
  • 1️⃣AGAIN!!! Jeans and t shirt on stage in  conneticut ... i’m TIRED by this point only 7 (of 26) shows left and it might as well be 50. But @javiercolon was SUCH an inspiration. 
2️⃣The hand made Mortar and Pestle I bought in Portland Maine ... random to you maybe but I LOOVE glass and I love mortar and pestles // so thiis basically had my NAME ON IT LOL (btw, inside is frankincense from Ethiopia thank you @grampsmorgan and copal resin. )
3️⃣Pittsburg REALLY surprised me. The city the audince .... when an audience keeps siging I AM LIGHT like that ... I KNOW  im’ with my people. 
4️⃣The MOST intriguing building! //// in downtown Pittsburg .. isn it SOMETHING ? 
5️⃣Capitol Jazz Fest made me work SO HARD LOL! ( and at the END Of the tour)  I think they were hot? I dont know .. but we got em ROCKIN! From this moment on ! LOL 
6️⃣FINAL SHOW AT THE BEACON!!! I danced ON STAGE for my  encore lol ...
💫And I DANCED OFF STAGE for my exit!
7️⃣And RIGHT into the ARMS  of one fo my MOST important influences // MISS ROBERTA FLACK ~ she’s in a wheel chair these days and she STAYED to see me 😍
8️⃣after tyring on MANY names LOL named my band “THIS IS US” and this is us at the wrap party. I didnt go to sleep at all that night. i packed and took a flight home. 
9️⃣and a WEEK later // I ended the tour wher I started it ....

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