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  • Good Day #songversationation ~ I am a one woman (and 2 other people) show (by choice) and so I am working to get my podcast on all formats ~ so i have GOOD NEWS ~ SongVersation: The Podcast! Is NOW AVAILABLE ON!  APPLE, GOOGLE PLAY, AND SOUNDCLOUD (for all of you android users) I’m a little nervous about how its all working, do let me know how you find it when you do. Love to all. #songversationalist lol
  • NEW EPISODE IS UP!! ITS BEEN FIXED !!!! I CANT WAIT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS!!! Love yall. #songversationpodcast #lifeiknow #songversationnation
  • I’m on it! I’ll let you know when its fixed! .... 🎼❤️🌹
  • NEW PODCAST IS UP!!! Ep. 10 SongVersation: Life I Know! Let me know what ya’ll think and feel!

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